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Refurbishment Services

Save money by fixing up your industrial
trash cans, recycling containers, and outdoor benches 

Witt Industries has the ability within our two manufacturing facilities to refurbish your outdoor custom waste receptacles and steel benches that are past their prime, restoring them to like-new condition.

Witt Industries can make old, rusted, and graffiti-damaged units look new.  The repair alternative provides a viable savings option to cities, parks, K-12 schools, universities, healthcare, commercial real estate firms, retail, restaurants, and other industrial businesses.  Witt Industries has the capacity to refurbish custom trash cans, custom recycling receptacles, custom outdoor benches, bike racks, and picnic tables from all manufacturers, not just our product lines.

The refurbishment division of Witt Industries will take your old, used custom trash receptacles and custom outdoor benches and make them look brand new. This process includes removing the old paint, rust, graffiti, and/or debris in our state-of-the-art sandblasting booth. Once the units have been sandblasted, we can repair any broken or missing welds, slats, tubes, and any overall structural damage. The unit will then be primed, and powder coat painted, creating a like-new finished product that is likely less expensive than purchasing new industrial garbage cans or outdoor benches.

Contact us to have an in-depth discussion on the repair options for your commercial trash can and outdoor bench units.

Please send details and photos of each unit you would like to evaluate to and include your availability.  This will enable us to review specific details for your evaluation, including the ability to provide an initial budgetary quote.

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April 2022:

  • Three refurbishment orders over the past couple of years, about 20 each order
  • Purchased 20-30 new units each year for the past several years