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Multi-Logo/Advertising Panel

Generate advertising revenue for your organization with your Witt Custom Logo Waste Receptacles and Recycling Containers

The durability and functionality of your high-quality custom logo receptacles and your brand identity offer an ideal paid advertising platform to benefit your organization financially.

Customers have utilized the Witt Custom Logo multi-logo/advertising panel option as an effective avenue to pay for the initial capital investment of purchasing new custom trash receptacles and custom recycling containers. In the following fiscal years, revenue is generated to offset annual facility management expenses, leveraging the lifetime value delivered through the Witt Industries built-to-last manufacturing process.

The Witt Custom Logo multi-logo/advertising panel feature provides fully customized advertising panels:

  • Available on both sides of the custom trash receptacles and custom recycling containers

  • Easy-to-change, insertable panels to prominently display sponsorship logos or custom messages
  • Ability to match the colors of your advertisers’ brand to generate a high contrast image against a solid background

  • Available only in the 35, 46, and 55-gallon capacity product line

For more information about multi-logo/advertising panel branded trash cans, visit the shop page.

Case Study

The Dayton Dragons are a minor league baseball team in Dayton, Ohio, affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds.
They utilized the Witt Custom Logo multi-logo/advertising panel to provide Fifth Third Bank an additional sponsorship benefit, relating to the original stadium title sponsorship of Fifth Third Field in 2000.

In January 2020, the naming rights to the field were purchased by Day Air Credit Union
and the stadium was renamed Day Air Ballpark. The original advertising panels were then simply replaced.

“The trash cans look great throughout the stadium.”

– Dayton Dragons, Professional Baseball Team