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Customer Testimonials

Dayton Dragons

“The trash cans look great throughout the stadium.”

– Dayton Dragons, Professional Baseball Team

Custom Logo White Dragons Outdoor Recycling with Hood Top and Stadium Behind Shadowed

Baltimore Ravens

“The look and feel of the entire concourse is extremely
important, all the way down to the waste and recycling receptacles.”

– Roy Sommerhof, Baltimore Ravens, Vice President of Stadium Operations

Witt Ravens Commercial Trash Can

Skyline Chili

“When customers visit our restaurants, the custom waste receptacles
further re-enforce our brand experience.”

– Mike Misleh, President, Skyline Chili of Oakley

Witt Commercial Trash Can Yellow, Red, and White Skyline Blue with Flat Top and Restaurant Behind Shadowed

Texas Christian University

“These containers extend our sustainability initiatives,
while building the Horned Frogs brand.”

– Ross Bailey

Custom Logo Purple TCU Silver Commercial Waste Receptacles with Flat Top and Stadium Behind Shadowed

Liberty University

“The Witt Custom Logo receptacles are of high quality. 
We look forward to our patrons utilizing them for many years.”

-Katherine Mitchell, Executive Assistant of Planning
and Construction, Liberty University

Witt Industrial Trash Can White Liberty University Red with Dome Top and Stadium Behind Shadowed

Amberley Village, Ohio

“We are pleased with the appearance of our
custom waste receptacles and delighted
with the high quality.”

– Tony Chesney, Maintenance Supervisor, Amberly Village

Custom Logo Amberley Village Commercial Waste Receptacles Faded

Archbishop Moeller High School

“The receptacles enhance our campus by building the Moeller brand throughout the school.”

– J. Marshall Hyzdu ’96, President, Archbishop Moeller High School

Custom Logo Moeller Commercial Waste Receptacles Transparent Backgroun

City of Sharonville, Ohio

We love our new customized waste receptacles from Witt. The vibrant professional finish of each receptacle gives our Community Center a whole new sporty feel! The quality is top-notch and we are excited to have these in our center for years to come.” 

– Carol Williams, Assistant Parks and Recreation Manager, City of Sharonville.

Witt Industries Sharonville Commercial Waste Receptacles Faded