Skyline Chili

“When customers visit our restaurants, the custom waste receptacles
further re-enforce our brand experience.”

– Mike Misleh, President, Skyline Chili of Oakley

Witt Commercial Trash Can Yellow, Red, and White Skyline Blue with Flat Top and Restaurant Behind Shadowed

Ace Hardware

“The Witt Industries team made our decision-making process a seamless exercise. 
The design image allowed us to share our custom waste receptacles with our management group for their ultimate approval.  We love them!”

– Kimberly Brown, Co-Owner, Ace Hardware of White Mountains

Custom Logo Ace Hardware Commercial Trash Can Storefront Faded

Your brand is used to promote your unique identification to generate public recognition. Your logo is the quickest identifiable expression of your brand as the symbol of your city, team, company, organization, or school.

Witt Industries branded waste receptacles, custom recycling receptacles, and exclusive outdoor benches offer the ability to promote your brand during stakeholder interactions at your facilities. 

Witt custom logo products are perfect for stadiums, entertainment venues, universities, K-12 schools, office complexes, corporate headquarters, restaurants, retail stores, parks, airports, healthcare buildings, and municipalities.