Professional Team Stadiums/Arenas Testimonials

Worcester Red Sox

“Our branded waste receptacles fit perfectly into Polar Park’s aesthetics. Their functionality for WooSox game days and Polar Park events that we host is exceptional.”

-Bart Harvey, Vice President, Ballpark Operations
at Worcester Red Sox

Dayton Dragons

“The trash cans look great throughout the stadium.”

– Dayton Dragons, Professional Baseball Team

FC Cincinnati

“Our custom Witt receptacles are durable and fit the needs of our players, staff, and fans alike, all while looking great and furthering the FC Cincinnati brand.”

– FC Cincinnati, Professional Soccer Team

Kansas City Royals

“We have been utilizing Witt Industries’ stadium trash cans and custom recycling containers at Kauffman Stadium since 2009.  They are a dependable aspect of our ballpark operations. We bring them out every spring for another baseball season. ”

– Nate Rodgers, Sr. Manager Ballpark Services- Kansas City Royals

Baltimore Ravens

“The look and feel of the entire concourse is extremely important, all the way down to the waste and recycling receptacles.”

– Roy Sommerhof, Baltimore Ravens, Vice President of Stadium Operations

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